“How to” video tutorials

In this page you will find a series of tutorial videos which I hope will help you to contribute to the Chorlton Park Blogs. We know that blogging can seem daunting and fiddly, but if you follow these simple video tutorials, you will see that it really is straightforward! Do have a go, let us know how you get on, and enjoy the blogs.

If you click on the little outward pointing arrows, you can make the videos bigger and easier to see.

How to leave a comment on the blog (Use comments to talk about what other people have written about)

Leaving a comment on a WordPress blog from jacksloan on Vimeo.

How to write a simple post (Use posts for putting something new on the blog)

Writing a post on a WordPress blog from jacksloan on Vimeo.

How to add a link to a post (Use links to show people another website)

Adding a link in a WordPress blog post from jacksloan on Vimeo.

How to embed a photograph/picture/video to a blog post (Add a picture or videoto a post you have written on the blog)

Embedding a photograph, picture or drawing into a WordPress blog post from jacksloan on Vimeo.

Useful links

Photobucket – free photo-hosting site
Flickr – free photo-hosting site
Thinkuknow – internet safety for children, educators and parents. This site is aimed at 8-10 year olds, but it is the best one at the moment, giving simple, clear and detailed information about staying safe on the net.
Click here for a more detailed, text based set of instructions on how to use Photobucket to embed pictures into a blog post
Click here for instructions on using Voicethread


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