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Summer 2- What is Around Our School?


In Summer 2 our new “big question” is What is Around Our School? We will be reading Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit, Building Our House and The Diggers are Coming. The children will be learning about different buildings and construction, and starting to look at the KS1/KS2 building that the children will be in next year1 […]

Allotment Visit


We all had a great time visiting Morag’s allotment on Wednesday and looking at all the other allotment plots around. For your home learning we would like you to click on “comment” below and tell us something that you learnt on our trip!      

Who is your favourite fairy-tale character? Home learning and weekly news 29.1.16


We have been reading our favourite fairy tales. Who is your favourite character from a fairy-tale? Comment on this post to tell us! Remember to put your name and your class! Our learning for the week beginning 25/1/16 Phonics – Stars sounds: ee (as in keep), igh (as in night) – Rockets sounds: ow (as in cow), oi (as […]