Spring 1 January 2017 “Which Story Would You Like To Be In?”

Our Big Question this half term is”Which Story Would You Like To Be In?” We will be concentrating on childrens fiction and using a selection of books to develop the childrens writing and creativity- working at developing an awareness of “character” , “descriptive text”, “new vocabulary” and “how stories are structured”.
We have some great “big books” to use as inspiration for our work-“A new home for a pirate”, “Jack and the beanstalk”, “Pandarella” and ” The Pirate next Door”
In Maths this half term we are developing skills in the areas of “Shape, Space and Measure”- comparing the heights of different sized pirates , beanstalks and giants- looking to see how many “magic beans” will fit into different sized containers and weighing objects like balloons and bricks- using lots of vocabulary to compare different things. Our aim this half term is to inspire a love of fiction and books- giving the children the skills to talk about and use their creativity in their play.In the garden we have made a pirate den and a castle- where the children will be able to act out and write about their own stories.

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