Autumn 2 2016 “How Do You Like to Travel?”


Our Big Question this half term will be “How do you like to travel?”, we will be exploring the theme of transport using big books such as “The train Ride”, ” Amazing Aeroplanes”, “Down By The Station” and “The Cars Go….”. The children will be able to role play- using money in the travel agents in each classroom, we will be making graphs of the way the children come to school each day, and we will be studying and recording the different forms of transport the children can see going past the school.
There will be lots of opprtunities to develop their reading and writing skills- making tickets, writing telephone messages, checklists, writing information books etc.We will also be exploring concepts such as distance- “how far will the different cars go down the ramps?” and floating and sinking- making our own boats to float in the water

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